Can Fitness Make Birth And Postpartum Easier?

Can Fitness Make Birth And Postpartum Easier?

After having our third baby I am most definitely searching for ways to get my body back after baby, to find like minded moms and to find a way to balance mom life.  So we headed out to learn from the incredible owner of Body, Belly, Baby!

What is the best part about being a MOMpreneur?

The best part about being a MOMpreneur is to create value for expecting moms and new moms with a Women Wellness, Pregnancy and Education center addressed for women, moms-to-be and moms only. It is a center for moms to be healthy, learn how to be healthy, connect, learn, and be empowered as mom or mom-to-be. Being part of this beautiful life cycle for women  as a MOMpreneur and having a direct positive impact physically, emotionally and psychologically is the best part for me.

Why did you start your business?

I am a business person. I am a dancer and a Pilates lover. I am a mother. Put these ingredients in a bowl.mix them together and this is me. I earned my MBA as I graduated from Harvard Business School AND was 7-month pregnant in my second year of MBA. I left my corporate jobs and founded Body Belly Baby to follow my dream and achieve a mission to create a wellness and education community for pregnant moms and new moms to be at their best before, during, and after pregnancy. 

How does it help Make Motherhood Easier?

I strongly believe in education, wellness and fitness as the best elements to feel good about yourself, to grow, to empower yourself and to keep evolving every day

We make Make Motherhood easier as we accompany the expecting mom in her pregnancy journey and in her motherhood journey. 

For expectant moms: 

Expectant moms stay healthy and fit during their pregnancy: they are stronger, and more fit. They also sleep better. They feel beautiful and empowered. They feel very feminine and proud of their belly bump. They are ready for labor and their postpartum period will be easier to manage . They will get their body back earlier. They meet many expecting moms in our classes. This is as much fitness for the body and fitness of the mind and emotions.  Expectant moms get educated and informed in the latest and best techniques with true professionals.

For moms: 

We help them get in shape when they come back to class with their baby. It is a very powerful message for a new mom to know that she can come to a center to exercise safely and effectively, and bring her baby with her in a mommy-baby safe and friendly environment.  She can change her baby diaper, she can nurse her baby and baby cries and it is OK. 

Moms can also come and exercises to get their body back in Pilates Reformer classes without their baby is they can and want.   Fun classes with baby allow moms and babies precious and vital social interaction. In our mommy& me classes, Yoga Music classes for mom & baby or toddler, Baby Ballerina classes, there is always a great way to connect with other moms and make friends. 

What is your key to balancing motherhood, wife/partner/friend and business owner?

My key is organization, planning, Pilates and motivation to create value. You need to have a dream and believe in you always. I also get surrounded by the right professionals with the same passion and most importantly the same values and drive to help moms.  I dedicate a lot of time to Body Belly Baby and I dedicate a lot of time to my children to be with them, drive them to their activities and enjoy seeing them grow every day. 

Sundays are family day always to center and connect.

What is your dream ‘Me Time’ scenario?

My dream ‘Me Time’ scenario is a classroom environment at Harvard University in an amazing class,  drinking a cup of  green tea and learning. And I have another one : dancing.

What is the top piece of advice you have for fellow mom’s looking back at your own journey?

Dream big and take baby step to make that big dream happen.

Do you have a special offer for moms that mention

A 10% off discount for a 12-class package purchase – prenatal Pilates Class or Mommy & Me pilates Class 12-class package. One-time only offer (non-cash value) and exclusive to new Body Belly Baby clients (non- existing clients) to Body Belly Baby. 

Valerie Massoni

President & Founder

2550 South Bayshore Drive, Suite 206A

Coconut Grove, FL33133

Phone: (305)-456-9448


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