Boost Your Child’s Development

If you are like me, when my daughter was going through her first year milestones I was constantly wondering if she was “normal” and “on track”.  Somedays were filled with jubilation and other days filled with worry that I was not doing everything I could to assist her development.  Then I had the absolute pleasure to meet the founder of BABYSPARKS!  Thank goodness for this next baby girl I am about to have, I will have this amazing tool to help
guide me through the vital first year of childhood development.  

BabySparks is a phone App that provides moms with hundreds of expert-created development-boosting activities and monthly milestone information for babies 0-12 months old!  


The activities and content adapt AUTOMATICALLY to the age and particular development needs of each baby. The best part about the app is that moms can use it a few minutes here and there, complete a full daily program, or anything in between!  It is incredibly convenient as we know that busy moms like us always have our phones at our fingertips!

BabySparks is a great way for moms to access expert guidance on a RANGE of milestone development to reduce stress during the first year while guiding your child towards boosted cognition and activity development!

You can download this AMAZING app at the iTunes store at:!