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Managing Kids in Sports and Activities without the overwhelm

Valerie Lundgren | Sep 14, 2022



First, I would look at values of each child and yourself.
See what activities you feel aligned with this year. Maybe there has to be a limit of 1-2 per child. We don’t want you to be overwhelmed financially and also need to make sure you are all still allowing time for rest and family time. Learning new things or being in sports is wonderful, but we don’t want it to create stress and chaos in our lives. This is where you can create balance and boundaries


Creating a system will help minimize the stress of it. Create a calendar where you can lay out each child's activity and make sure things align. Another Great idea is to create meal plans for the week. If you are on the go in the evenings pack healthy snacks and meals to bring with you. This helps you save money and keeps you all healthy and happy.

If your kids have activities that overlap try connecting with another parent and share carpooling duties. When we connect with other parents involved in these activities, we create wonderful relationships and support.


You will need to have open dialogue with your children about the expectations with activities and school. If The activities start interfering with their sleep, school work or stress it is time to take a break and find an activity that is less demanding and more manageable by all.