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Mommy Burnout is Real

Leanne Page | Sep 7, 2022

Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Over it. Burnt out.


Have you heard of the term Parental Burnout? It’s a very real thing that is actually different from job burnout. 


Job burnout typically has 3 components:

  1. A state of emotional and physical exhaustion
  2. A detached attitude towards work
  3. A decreased sense of accomplishment


If you are a parent, you’re probably thinking these sound familiar for this parenting job sometimes, too! So how is parental burnout different from job burnout exactly??


When it comes to job burnout these are the primary solutions to help avoid, prevent, or even treat job burnout. As you look at these think about how they would apply to your parenting job. 

  • Get feedback on your work
  • Time away from work
  • Boundaries to stop work for breaks


How do those work for us moms, exactly? 


Feedback on your work as a mom

  • kids complain a lot
  • your mother-in-law gives you unsolicited parenting advice
  • if someone tries to correct you it’s incredibly personal and you’re easily offended

Time away from your parenting job

  • when?
  • How?
  • It costs how much $$ to get childcare?

Boundaries to stop your mom work for breaks

  • Ha ha ha ha
  • Hilarious!
  • Hahahahahahahaha


So what does parental burnout look like then? There are 4 main components of parental burnout.

  1. Exhausted by parental role
  2. Emotionally distant
  3. Feel like you are no longer a good parent
  4. Unable to enjoy their children


Oof. Those are heavy. And we’ve all felt some or all or a combination of these at some point or another. 


So what can we do about parental burnout? We can use simple behavior tools to help regulate our own selves and build structure and routines in our home to decrease some of the pressure. Simple tools can lighten our load so we can actually enjoy time with our kids. 


The Banish Mommy Burnout Workshop starts September 22nd. It’s free and it’s broken up into small chunks because you know who doesn’t have a lot of time to invest in something like a workshop? Moms. Particularly moms who are feeling burnt out. 


Sign up now to get in on the good stuff in the Banish Mommy Burnout Workshop!


I’ll leave you with this quote on burnout from Melissa Steginus, Self Care at Work: How to Reduce Stress, Boost Productivity, and Do More of What Matters:


“Burnout is the result of too much energy output and not enough energy self-invested. In other words, it's burning too much fuel than you’ve put in your tank.”


So don’t wait on this. Sign up now for the free Banish Mommy Burnout Workshop to help put some much needed and much deserved fuel in your tank!

Check it out here:


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