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Get to know me!

Megan Wisner | Jul 26, 2022

Before I venture to write a number of blog posts that I have brewing on my fingertips I thought it would be a good idea to first start out by writing an about me so you get to know my perspective and what value/ knowledge base I even have to be writing such blogs! I hope that this first one will help you to better understand the perspective of these posts.  Please keep in mind this is my personal perspective based on my experiences both personally and in my years of experience at work working with other women. They are not absolute and I would always recommend seeking to find a doctor in which you can trust and rely on to get you through your experience safely. First and foremost having a doctor you can trust is everything in a successful outcome for you and for your baby. I have both extensive professional and personal experience when it comes to all things pregnancy, birthing, postpartum and beyond (with baby & babies!). I was lucky enough to start out my career as a labor nurse (which was indeed my dream job!) straight out of nursing school after miraculously landing an externship at the same hospital in which I would later land my first job. They were choosing one nursing student for that summer position in Labor and Delivery/ Postpartum unit and ultimately that nursing student was me! After graduating school and landing the job I ended up staying in that position for 7 years and gained endless valuable experience that I will carry with me throughout the remainder of my career in nursing as well as in life! I saw and experienced alongside my patients so many high risk things, sad things, happy things, unexpected things…the list goes on and on. I went on to get my certification in inpatient OB and after I experienced the birth of my own first two children I decided it was time for me to leave that particular area of nursing because a more flexible position for me as a mother of two came up and I had to make a hard decision to leave. Personally, I feel like I have experienced so many different aspects of pregnancy and birth including gestational diabetes, preterm labor/delivery, breech, breech vaginal delivery, fourth degree laceration (& recovery), failed trail of labor, cesarean section (& recovery!), epidural, failed epidural, pregnancy loss and D&C, VBAC, unmedicated vaginal delivery, breastfeeding, plagiocephaly (& helmet treatment) and the list goes on and on. 


One of the most commonly asked questions that I received throughout my career as a labor nurse was “do you have any kids” or “what was your experience like”. People always want to gauge whether or not you can truly relate to what it is that they are going through at the moment so they can decide how valuable your advice, words of wisdom, comfort or guidance is to them. Human beings just want to know they are not alone in their struggles. For the first 5 years of my L&D career my response was “not yet” but at that time I hadn’t imagined all the ways in which having those experiences of my OWN would grow me into the support nurse that I would be today if I still practiced in L&D. For years, since leaving that area of nursing I have been sharing this advice and personal experiences with my own friends and family but always dreamed of ways in which I extend it out to other expectant and new moms maybe like the ones that are here reading my posts! So here we are and I am so glad you are here!


Happy Reading, Happy Pregnancy, Happy Birth & Happy Motherhood to you ! :)