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3 Tips for Back to School Success

Amanda Rosenfried | Jul 26, 2022

3 tips for Back-to-School success!


1.   Have Realistic expectations

2.   Get good sleep

3.   Scale back on all media devices


Have Realistic Expectations


Have you had a busy summer? Are you gearing up for the school year by adding a lot of extracurricular activities? If your family struggles with busyness, set some expectations for your school year, such as a homework first, then activity. Schedule family game nights and a sit-down dinner once a week. Meal plan and choose easy to pack cooler items when you know you’ll be out of the house for a ballgame or dance. Offer a plethora of nutritious food for your active and non-active child. Set your student up for success in school first and then plan the extras.


Get Good Sleep


Kids should be getting good, quality sleep at night. If your child is up half of the night doing homework, there’s a problem somewhere. Take time to evaluate the issue and find a solution. Is it time management? Is there too much homework? Please talk to the school or teacher if you feel your child is spending too much time outside of school doing schoolwork. Is it too many after school activities? You may need to cut back on some things. Most importantly, make sure your child is rested and recharged for their next day. This will look different for each age group of children, but a well-rested child will be more successful in the classroom and beyond.


Scale Back on ALL Media


In today’s world, we are all connected to media devices whether it’s a phone, tablets, watches, TV, movies etc. Start now to limit media consumption in order to give the brain time to heal and process before your child must sit in a classroom for hours without media. It’s a proven fact that the instant gratification we get from quick media changes our brains, but we can help our kids recover when we limit device time. Over saturation can cause a multitude of problems with sitting still and processing information. Rewiring in the brain for human connection is important for our children and for their teachers.




I wish you success in this upcoming school year. These 3 tips to help you be successful will create a more peaceful home and child.

I pray that this school year will be the best one yet for your family!


Amanda Rosenfried

Current homeschool educator, former middle and high school public school teacher