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Why lactation support is important

Brandi Flores | Jul 19, 2022

Breastfeeding is not easy! If someone were to ask me if breastfeeding was simple, I would tell them that breastfeeding is easy like learning how to ride a bike, and not easy like breathing. So what does this mean?


This means that breastfeeding, like any other new skill, is learned. When we are growing up and learning how to walk, talk, read, write, or ride a bike, this skill is retained by the teaching and support of others. So if new skills are best taught with the support of others, why would lactation be any different?


We are not born knowing how to breastfeed. Sure, we learn the primary function or motions of breastfeeding, but when it comes to the dynamics, what if's and techniques of breastfeeding those are the skills that are taught. So who do you turn to when you are pregnant and in need of lactation support and education?


A lactation consultant or a breastfeeding specialist is the primary support system that you will want to turn to when you are on your lactation journey. A lactation specialist has a certificate and education in lactation to help guide you on the best path to achieve lactation success.


A lactation consultant has a degree and a license to help support you in more in-depth education such as lip, tongue, and buccal tie assessments. Oral function assessments, weighted feeds, flange fittings, labs for low milk supply, and IGR.  Both types of lactation educators are wonderful at ensuring the success and most importantly, the support that is needed to guide you on your lactation journey. 


Finding yourself walking down this lactation road is sometimes scary and overwhelming. Many times, we do not have answers to what we need to get the best support. Nor do we know where to turn to for that support. Being proactive with finding lactation support early on really does determine the overall success of a person's lactation journey. Support really does matter. Especially when we are navigating down this journey as a new mom.  


So if you are pregnant or have just become a brand new mom, congratulations! You are in for the best journey of your life! Remember that lactation support matters and through ihelpmoms, you will always have minute-by-minute and instant lactation support!

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