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Talk To Your Baby

Ana Gauthier RN | Jul 7, 2022

Even in the womb we talk to our babies. When my patients are in labor, I often find them talking to their babies. They say things like, "Come on baby we can't wait to see you," or "Sweetheart please behave." When we take our babies home, the talking continues.

Many times with great gestures and animations on our behalf. We do this to bond with our babies and to teach them language and communication. We do this effortlessly without a thought. We talk them through every single milestone, from the time they crack that first intentional smile, all the way through walking, talking, self-feeding, and pretty much everything in between. We start teaching our babies about a particular milestone way in advance from the expected time of achievement. We do this because we want our children to thrive and be independent.

Many parents love to boast about their child's abilities. Others, worry about our children being accepted in society. Bottom line we teach and reinforce all day long, because we love our children, and we understand that it's our duty to teach our children right from wrong.

There is, however, one milestone that many parents don't talk to their babies about and that is potty training. 

Potty talk and education should be initiated in the baby stage, not the day before you decide to start potty training them. Peeing and pooping are a physiological necessity and innate, but where to deposit it is a socially adaptive skill that must be taught by us. Talking to our baby about toileting habits will prepare their minds for the day we decide to do away with diapers.

Potty talk and body awareness are fundamental to the learning curve and is part of the pre-training step of EL Potty. Please understand, this is not to say your loving home is going to turn into a shit-talking place. To put it simply, don't just change a diaper without telling your child what's in it, don't just watch your baby poop and wait to just wipe their behind without at least acknowledging what took place, don't just watch your baby pee in the shower and say nothing, don't just teach them every single body part they own except their private parts. Heaven forbid your child to say "penis" at the dinner table.

Do yourself and your child a favor, prep their mind for potty training. You must train the brain first before you train the bladder or the bowels. Who knows, maybe with the daily talk about their body eliminations and awareness, they might just train themselves.


Ana Gauthier RN Maternal-Child Nurse and Creator of EL Potty 

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