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How To Transition To Quiet Time

Jamie Ortiz | Feb 15, 2024

Between the ages of 3-5 years old, children will begin to drop their nap. YIKES!!


I remember when our oldest started to drop it and BOY DID I DRAG THAT ON LONGER THAN NEEDED. Lol. But it's usually the only time we have to recharge and get things done....or do nothing at all but rest!


This blog is for toddlers who have already transitioned out of their nap.


Here are a few tips on how to make it easier:

  • Have quiet time activities that are specific only to quiet time. That way the toys aren't something they're used to playing with during the day and therefore more exciting.
  • Start in small increments. Maybe only 15-20 minutes the first day or two and slowly increase.
  • Spend the start of their time with them since this will be new for them and once they're more used to QT, exit the room.
  • Keep a relaxed room environment just in case they end up falling asleep.
  • You can create a corner in their room specific to QT. A play nook, a teepee play area, etc.
  • Have toys on rotation so they feel there's something new.

It can take time for them to adjust but once they do, nap time will be fully replaced by quiet time.


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