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I Allowed Myself To Let Someone Care For My Youngest

Jamie Ortiz | Nov 29, 2023

Growing up I always said I wanted to be a stay at home mom and thankfully, my husband's job allowed me to. With one child is was so easy. And he was easy! But when our youngest came, it was a different ballgame. I was trying to get my sleep certification done, start a business, and take care of my two kids… about stress!


My oldest was of age to start Pre-K, so he went and he was happy. Once he started “real” school, I wanted to be more involved in my business and honestly…..just be able to relax a little in my own home. Our daughter is very active and it came to point where I started to notice that I was getting annoyed by “distractions” because I had to get things done and she kept calling for me.


She's an older toddler and able to express herself, so I started thinking about finding somewhere she could go for a couple hours a week so that I can focus on doing what I needed to do, but importantly….so she could socialize and get her energy out. Something I just didn't have. 


Of course….fear kicked in. What if she needs me and I'm not there? What if something happens and I'm not there? What if the staff isn't nice to her? ALL THE FEARS! REAL FEARS! But one day, I was talking to my dad and he had no idea I was battling “should she, shouldn't she?” and he basically gave me the words I needed to hear to let go a little.


My daughter is THRIVING in her new “school," I'm able to get my work done, AND be 100% PRESENT when she comes home. I can't get enough of her when she gets home!


I say all this to tell you that it's ok to give yourself permission to find a way of unloading the mental and emotional load that is being a stay at home mom. I personally waited until she was able to communicate better, so maybe that's a good time for you. 

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