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Tis the season to compare ourselves to what we see on the instagrams…fa la la la la la la la la.

Leanne Page | Nov 27, 2023


Tis the season to compare ourselves to what we see on the instagrams…fa la la la la la la la la.


Do you look at these beautiful, perfect looking Christmas aesthetics online? Are you seeing the new viral Home Depot Christmas tree and then looking at your Christmas tree you used to think was beautiful with new eyes? Does it suddenly seem shabby or dull even though 10 minutes ago you thought it was lovely? 


Social media often showcases curated snapshots of seemingly perfect holiday celebrations. It’s not uncommon for us moms to  compare our own festivities to the picture-perfect scenes presented online, leading to feelings of inadequacy and pressure to meet unrealistic standards.


Just what busy moms need, right? Something else to worry about and cause overwhelm during the holiday season. 


Tis the season to compare ourselves to what we see on the instagrams…fa la la la la la la la la.


This holiday season, who is setting your expectations? Are you trying to live up to an unreachable curated ideal or are you setting your own expectations too high? What does your family expect of you? Are they putting too much pressure on you or are you doing that all on your own? 


What matters most to each family member during the holiday season? Which traditions are most important? Which ones can you let fall away?


Moms are constantly juggling all the things. Imagine all the things you are juggling right now just to stay afloat. Now, these balls in the air you are juggling: some are glass and some are plastic. Drop the plastic ones. Just let ‘em go. Nothing is going to break; it’ll just make it easier for you to focus on the glass balls you’re juggling. Which ones are glass and which are plastic?


What matters most to YOU this holiday season? What do you want to remember about all the things this year- with your kids at these exact ages? Those are the glass expectations. Let’s keep them afloat.


What other things are you trying to make happen just to live up to an idea you see on Instagram? What activities, gifts, or events are you chasing after just to keep up with the Joneses in the neighborhood or because extended family members may expect you to? Those are plastic. Let them drop. Nothing is going to break. 


The holidays are upon us, but are your festivities feeling more stress than joy? Moms may feel pressured to please everyone, from extended family to friends, creating an overwhelming sense of responsibility. The desire to make everyone happy can lead to exhaustion and feelings of failure if expectations aren't met.


So what can we do about that? Assess your expectations. Put them where they should be for you family right now- not where anyone else wants them to be. 


What’s the most important to you and your immediate family? That’s the priority. Drop the rest.


Drop it?! Yes. Drop it. Maybe that will lead to hurt feelings or uncomfortable conversations. Can you survive the discomfort? I’m thinking yes. Are you willing to deal with the discomfort for the benefit of a little freedom during the holiday season? Is it worth it to you? 


Tis the season to compare ourselves to what we see on the instagrams…fa la la la la la la la la.


Comparison can steal the joy of the holidays, but it doesn't have to. You don’t need to live up to a neutral minimalist Christmas clean house. You also don’t have to let joy throw up all over your home if that’s not your vibe either. You get to pick your vibe!


When you look back at this Christmas season- with your kids at these exact ages- what descriptive words do you want to use to describe this time of your lives?  Busy, stressed, overscheduled? Or would you rather pick some words that matter more to you: connected, together, content, jolly, silly?


You get to pick what matters most. Choose it now at the start of the season. Then choose it again every day in small decisions of prioritizing the things that help you lean into those descriptors, even when it’s uncomfortable at first to do so. 


We can make the meaningful memories we crave- by choosing what is actually meaningful and prioritizing those things, not some impractically high expectations we place on ourselves. 

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