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6 Simple and Affordable Potty Training Rewards

Michelle Brown | Nov 22, 2023

Potty training can be a challenging task for both parents and children. Our coaches here at is here to make is easier!

A reward system can make potty training a positive experience for your toddler and take the stress out of the process for you. 
Potty training rewards can be small, simple, and free or low-cost. 
 1. Here are some fun and effective potty training reward ideas to celebrate this milestone in your toddler’s life:

  1. Love, praise, and attention: Lavishing your toddler with praise, encouragement, and hugs can be the best reward. Tell your toddler how proud you are of them every time they use the potty. Your toddler loves cheers, applause, and high-fives—and they’re free
  2. Reward Chart: Download or buy a themed potty training reward chart or make one yourself. All you need is paper and some stickers. The reward chart works as a visual reminder for your toddler of their potty training goal. Put a sticker or stamp on the chart each time your child uses the potty correctly. As the chart fills up, they’ll feel proud of themselves. For an extra incentive, you can award a special potty prize once they’ve earned a row of stickers on the chart or change the stickers every week 1.
  3. Treasure chest: Fill a bag, basket, or box with small potty prizes like crayons, bubble bath, fun socks, small cars, or Play-Doh. Every time your toddler uses the potty successfully, let them choose a prize. Keep the prizes on display to motivate your toddler. Or add an element of surprise by having your toddler reach into the sack or box to see what prize they pull out 1.
  4. Handstamps: Stamp your toddler’s hand every time they use the potty with a fun stamp. Have them count up their stamps at the end of the day, and then show them how impressed you are with a great, big hug 1.
  5. Block tower: For toddlers who love building, keep a set of blocks in the bathroom. For every successful trip to the potty, let your toddler add a block to build a tower. Just seeing how tall the tower will grow over time will be an exciting potty training reward for your budding architect 1.
  6. Bathroom bubbles: Keep some bubbles on hand in the bathroom. Every time your toddler uses the potty successfully, let them blow bubbles. This is a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate your toddler’s success 1.

Remember, potty training rewards build your toddler’s confidence as they learn an important life skill. 
Potty training incentives work best when they are immediate, visual, and consistent. 

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