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Savoring the Holidays: Tips for Moms to feel Merry and Bright!

Joan Sleepytime | Nov 7, 2023

Title: Savoring the Holidays: Tips for Moms to feel Merry and Bright


With the holiday season swiftly approaching, the anticipation is in the air. It's a time for festive celebrations, reuniting with friends and family, and let’s be honest, holiday stress!

1. Prioritizing Wellness and Self-Care

In this season of both joy and stress, it's crucial for us moms to stand together and prioritize our wellness. Let's acknowledge that our own well-being deserves a top spot on our year-round to-do list. There's a quiet truth we all recognize but don’t speak out about enough.   Although we might not be toting a bag of toys on our shoulders, we do carry the weight of making each Holiday Season "the best one yet." The pressure to create holiday magic often rests on Mom's already weary shoulders. Santa may carry a hefty sack of toys, but we moms carry the invisible-heavy-load of motherhood day in and day out! 

 What if this year is the year that we truly support each other.  Let’s stand up for each other by taking a step back.  So before you find yourself knee-deep in gift wrap and twinkling holiday lights, let's explore some practical steps to ensure you stay merry and bright throughout the season.

2. The gift of presence

Holiday event invitations can be thrilling, but it's essential to make informed choices. Before accepting invitations, pause and think about your needs and your family's schedule. Planning low key days before and after events can prevent stress build up and ensure you can fully enjoy the festivities. 

While making your choices, remember that it's okay to say no to some invitations, especially when it feels like an obligation. Prioritizing your mental wellness and that of your family is a proactive way to prevent burnout and last-minute cancellations. Your children may not understand your reasoning, but not accepting every invitation makes time for restful days that everyone will benefit from.  

3. Thanks, but no thanks! 

 Unwanted opinions get disguised as helpful gifts.  If there is ever a gift that we want returned ASAP, here it is!  The holiday season sometimes comes with unwanted opinions and advice from others. To help prevent you from potentially saying something that you may regret, plan ahead.  Plan your responses ahead of time so that you’re not caught off-guard from your cousin that speaks first and thinks last. Whether you choose a polite "I know what works best for my child" or a more humorous comeback, being prepared helps maintain your peace of mind.

Consider enlisting the support of a trusted friend or family member who can step in when you're uncomfortable responding. You can also mention your child's pediatrician or sleep coach as a way to gracefully exit conversations.

4. Health and Nutrition

The holidays are synonymous with feasts and sweet treats. While indulging is part of the fun, it's crucial to maintain a balanced diet for you and your children. Plan for a predominantly healthy diet throughout the season, allowing room for occasional treats. Actively embrace the imperfection of your discipline. 

Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, such as taking longer walks during holiday errands. By parking a bit farther from the mall entrance and involving your children in fun activities like collecting pine cones for decorations, you add physical activity and create precious family moments.

5. Sleep Routines:

When it comes to children's sleep, remember that the holiday season can disrupt routines. Plan ahead by focusing on maintaining a regular wake-up and bedtime for your child. For young children, a consistent routine can help them adapt to changing schedules more smoothly. Dressing your child in pajamas before heading out ensures a smoother transition to bedtime upon returning home.

For babies, using a safe travel crib can be a helpful sleep solution during gatherings and travel. Keep in mind that implementing significant sleep changes are best tackled when the holidays have passed to avoid additional stress during this already busy season. Consistency is key when establishing a new routine.  If you think that doesn’t seem sustainable right now, then wait until after the Holidays.  


In the spirit of moms sticking together, let's embrace the holiday season as a time for joy, unity, and making cherished memories with our families. By prioritizing wellness, making informed choices, maintaining nutrition, staying active, and having comebacks prepared, we can create a stress-free holiday season that truly matters.  We should also raise a glass to Mrs Claus as mostly she is the fundamental piece that keeps it all running smoothly at the workshop.  Remember that it's the time spent with loved ones that counts, not the perfection of every holiday detail. 

If you would like to learn more about the process using gentle sleep methods or you need a supportive coach to stand in your corner, I got your back!  Cheers to a happy and healthy Holiday Season!

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