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The Truth About Sleep Regressions

Sasha Romary | Oct 17, 2023

You may have heard of the infamous "4-month sleep regression," but did you know that there are actually five significant developmental phases where your child's sleep may experience a temporary disruption? It's true, and we're here to shed light on the facts about these so-called "sleep regressions."


Save this post to refer back to as your child grows and encounters these pivotal moments in their sleep journey!


A sleep regression is often defined as a temporary disturbance in your child's sleep patterns. It might manifest as more frequent night wakings, shorter naps, or struggles with settling to sleep. However, the term "sleep regression" can be somewhat misleading. These sleep disruptions are actually closely tied to significant PROgressions in your child's development. Yes, each sleep regression period is connected to your little one reaching or mastering different developmental milestones.


Once your child conquers these new skills, their sleep usually returns to normal.


So, how can you support your child during these challenging times? Consistency in their routine and your responses is key. You can also encourage them during their awake hours as they tackle the developmental milestones they're working on.


Are you struggling with your child's sleep and would like some 1-1 support? Book a time with me HERE and together, we'll navigate these essential milestones in your child's sleep journey. 

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