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Floor Potty or Toilet Seat Reducer?

Sasha Romary | Oct 17, 2023

Guess what? Floor Potties and Toilet Seat Reducers are not interchangeable for many kids!

For younger children newer to the toileting process, I overwhelmingly recommend a floor potty. Here’s why:

💦 They are much less intimidating for little humans to use

💦 It encourages a more natural position for them to release with their feet flat on the floor and their knees just above hip-level

💦 It allows them the opportunity to use it independently. They can easily sit on it and stand up without assistance and that feeds into their natural desire for autonomy at the potty training age.

🚽🧒As they grow, a full size toilet will be naturally easier and more appropriate for them to use. But if they have a preference for a full size toilet with a toilet seat reducer, that is OK too! The key is that they are comfortable and confident in their toileting! 🙌🚀

Did your child prefer the floor potty or toilet seat reducer during potty training? 


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