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Nighttime Potty Training: Practical Tips & Tricks

Sasha Romary | Oct 17, 2023

When it comes to parenting, few milestones mark the journey quite like the transition from diapers to underwear, especially when it comes to nighttime potty training. As your little one grows, so does their independence, and that includes learning to stay dry through the night.


But here's the deal: nighttime potty training is a unique adventure, often accompanied by its own set of challenges. From bedwetting to those groggy midnight trips to the bathroom, it can be a rollercoaster.


Fear not, though, because in this blog post, I've got your back. I am about to share five proven tips that will help you navigate the world of nighttime potty training with confidence. Whether you're just starting the journey or you've hit a few bumps in the road, these strategies will light the path to success. So, let's dive in and get your child on the way to dry, peaceful nights!


1. Limit fluids: 

After dinner, or about 2 hours before bed, limit your child’s fluid intake. You can offer a very small sip of water before bed and even call it the “final sip” as a part of your routine.


2. Practice makes perfect: 

Children thrive on routines and predictability. Do some practice runs of them getting out of bed and finding the toilet or potty should they need to go.


3. The Double Void: 

Have your child sit on the potty at the beginning of your bedtime routine and then again as the very last thing they do before getting into bed. This will help them fully empty their bladder.


4. Put a floor potty by their bed: 

Your child may not be comfortable navigating the house in the middle of the night as things look different in the dark. Placing a floor potty in their room allows for easy access and reduce fears around accessing the potty should they need it!


5. Wake up early : 

Many children are actually dry throughout most of the night and only end up wetting the bed as they come out of their sleep cycles in the early morning. Go in and wake your child 20 minutes before their usual wakeup time and sit them on the potty to catch that first morning pee!


💦👉 Are you night training right now and need some support? Reach out to me here and schedule a consultation for some 1-1 guidance towards dry nights! 

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