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Positive Parenting for Raising an Introverted Child

Joy Acaso | Sep 19, 2023

There are many ideas circulating about what it’s like for introverts and oftentimes they arise from misinformation. These myths can make it challenging for parents to support their children. This is why writing about introversion makes me happy. If you’ve experienced this in your parenting, don’t despair. I will walk you through three tips today. I am in the trenches with you. As a matter of fact, we are a family of introverts!


First, let’s eliminate the confusion. Introversion exists in a continuum. It can vary depending on the situation. For the introverted child, comfort is very important. Many factors can contribute to that comfort level. These factors can include the environment, the people that surround them and even the time of day. Hence, you may see their energy change. In general, they need alone time to recuperate. When they retreat into their room, it’s because this is how they reset. They can take up more quiet activities such as drawing, reading or simply taking a nap.



Here are some tips for how you can support your family when raising an introverted child:

  1. Share your observations with them. Introverts are deep thinkers. They also tend to listen more than talk. But if you involve them in discussions and ask for their opinions, you’ll likely get a genuine response. They also like to observe intently. If you open up about what you notice, whether in your surroundings or in their behaviors, they will do the same. You leave them space for a discussion rather than imposing your thoughts on them.
  2. Give them options. For younger children, you can try to limit the options up to 2. For teens, you can start with 2 and then engage with their ideas as well. Chances are, your introverted child has played different scenarios in their mind. They will not be drawn to big crowds, speaking in front of strangers or being in the spotlight. They may not have the emotional vocabulary to express themselves but if you wait patiently, they will talk about a compromise. Give ample time to prepare for events. The key is not to rush.
  3. Get to know what fills their cup. What reactions have you seen from your child? Do they become irritable, uncooperative or withdrawn? Then it’s time to have a conversation about what kinds of things help them feel energized. Who are the people that they want to be around? Evaluate and make adjustments as often as you need. Ask them what activities make them feel calm and motivated. Communicate what you believe fills their cup so that they also know that you’re interested in who they are. Be attentive when it’s their turn to share. 

It is very good for children to experience the love of supportive adults. A secure relationship helps their brain to develop in healthy ways. When caregivers are fully present in their lives, children are able to navigate their emotions better. 


If you’d like to explore this topic some more, whether you are an introverted parent or are raising an introverted child, feel free to schedule a time with me. We can discuss tools and resources that will bring your family closer. Here is the link:

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