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Why Red Light?

Jamie Ortiz | Aug 22, 2023


A lot of the times when I work with parents they usually have a nightlight for their baby or toddler and I always tell them to go for a red bulb instead. But why?


Here’s why red light is recommended not only by me, but by other professionals as well…..


1. It’s the opposite of blue light. Blue light or fluorescent lights stop the production of melatonin (the sleepy hormone). So things like phones, TVs, tablets, etc….all those things send signals to your brain and fights off melatonin production. Red light however, helps promote the production of melatonin which we need in order to sleep.


2. It imitates the sunset. Right around the time the sun starts to set, our melatonin production shoots back up. The reddish hue during a beautiful sunset is actually helping us in that production. Red light helps aid that production that the sunset started.


3. It helps with our circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is our internal body clock and it’s what tells us “man….we’re tired.” If you’ve had a long travel day, if you’re in a different timezone, if it's Summer where the sun goes down later...try sleeping with red light.


4. Fear. We never want our little ones to be afraid of the dark, but it happens. Rather than a bright light, do a red or orange bulb. It helps with everything mentioned previously but gives them enough light to feel safe, but not stop melatonin production.


Here are some more ways to help get your little one (and you) get ready for bed:


1. Stop electronics at least 1 hour before bedtime

2. Dimmer lighting around the house after dinner

3. Have a relaxing bedtime routine rather than a “get your energy out” routine. Opt for right after dinner to get that energy out.


For your children, the Hatch is a great sound machine and nightlight combined in one. You can find others like this as well, or you can purchase a red nightlight online or a simple red bulb. Is this a magic remedy for better sleep? Not necessarily. However, it IS a great piece to the sleep puzzle!


For the other puzzle pieces, please schedule a call with me  and let’s help you and your little one get some restorative sleep.

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