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3 Keys To Sleep Training & Benefits

Jamie Ortiz | Aug 13, 2023

There's a lot of information out there when it comes to sleep training. Methods, schedules, feedings, etc. You name it, it's a part of it (and the internet has a TON of things)! 


Once you find a sleep training method you're comfortable with, regardless if you take it step by step or do it all at once, there's three things I tell every parent when it comes to seeing progress.




Only you can say what your boundaries are, but once you can pin point them, stick to them. Sleep training takes work and dedication so if you can stick to what those boundaries are you are on your way to sending a consistent message to your little one. 


Routine is so important because as they learn routine, you're sending a message to their brain that it's time to sleep. Babies and toddlers are very smart, so keep at the routine and make it simple so anyone can follow it. 


Lastly, consistency. Being consistent with boundaries and routine (tied with the sleep training method), will help tie things together. 


If you've ever considered the difference between a sleep program and working 1-on-1 with a sleep coach, let me tell you why I'm so passionate about what I do. 


  1. Sleep looks different on every child. Some are higher sleep needs and some are lower. Working 1-1 allows for you to find something specific to YOUR child. 
  2. Night training can come with a lot of questions that books and programs might not be able to cover. Sleep coaching answers those “what if this happens?” type questions.
  3. Celebrate. I can PERSONALLY tell you that we're here to celebrate your big wins right alongside you!




If you're needing support or something tailored to your child and your goals, schedule your coaching session with me at:


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