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Back To School Stress Free Tips

Michelle Brown | Aug 12, 2023

Back to school can be exciting, overwhelming, happy and sad all at once! 

These 6 keys can help create healthy habits, decrease household stress and get your family set up for a fun year!

1. Help your child think about concrete, tangible aspects of the new school year to create a positive vision ahead. For example, help your child visualize what it will be like to move confidently from class to class. Or help your child become excited about reading since she is already so good at reading. Focus on their strengths and the good feelings associated with using those strengths.


2. Set good habits early in the school year. Some children thrive on structure other kids thrive with less structure, so create make sure to pay attention to how they thrive. Creating a consistent routine each day after school can help to create household expectations for timing homework for example.  For example, snack, practice, dinner, homework, shower, relaxation time, then bedtime. 


3. Prioritize what truly matters to your child and to decrease family stress.

Create a visual calendar for the week/month to know when they have activities, sports and play dates. It will decrease the mental load having it clearly laid out.


4. Lack of sleep is one of the most detrimental factors in children’s scholastic performance.  Talk to Certified Sleep Coach Jamie for personalized strategies to help your child get quality sleep.


5. Listen and normalize concerns as school begins.  Be present to hear their perspective. Try not to answer the question they pose by ‘fixing’ it. Given the opportunity, your child may have great solutions on his or her own – reinforce these solutions! Talk to Coach Patty and Coach Allyn to discover positive parenting communication strategies for #SmarterParenting.


6. Decrease rushing in the morning by preparing the night before. Backpacks packed, waters filled in fridge, snacks packed, homework in proper place will help everyone rest easy and be prepared for a great day ahead.


We wish everyone a wonderful start to the school year full of excitement as we encourage our kids to embrace a growth mindset and enjoy the learning journey!