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Why I Decided To Sleep Train

Jamie Ortiz | Jul 28, 2023

I remember when my youngest was born. A month early, I had a toddler, and my husband was a drill sergeant (which meant he was gone A LOT). 


I was so sleep deprived that I wasn't connecting with my newborn or my toddler. Thankfully, my mom and mother in law were with us and helped every chance they got, but I knew they would go back to their lives and I had to figure something out.


While at my newborn's doctor appointment she asked if I was dealing with PPD and I honestly said “I don't think so. I'm very tired and I think if I can get into good sleep, I won't be miserable.”


Well, after a lot of research, the day she turned 4 months old my husband and I knew we had to sleep train her. Tag-teaming sleep wasn't for us anymore. We did our research, had a method, and we would tackle it together. 


It went so much better than we thought and the truth it……it almost always does! For some reason we underestimate our children and even the sleep consultant.


A research showed that parents loser over 133 DAYS of sleep!! 66% of moms feel too tired to maintain their other responsibilities, 90% feel cranky, and that's just for starters. That's crazy to me!! We needed to get to a better place for myself, my being a mother, and our marriage.  


So I encourage you…..if it's effecting something in your life look into sleep training. There's a lot that goes into so meet with a consultant, ask your questions, and do it for you, your relationship with your partner and/children, but also for your baby or toddler. They DEFINITELY need proper sleep. 


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