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Dating again after 40? 10 Tips for Single Mom's

Lisa Hawkins | May 6, 2023

I dated in my late 40's and 50's after the break up with my daughter's father. I had lost my sexiness. However, I wasn't prepared for the attention I would get. I went on so many dates, it's hard to count. I was constantly meeting, weeding out, and moving on. I went on 2-3 a week on average. This was fun in the beginning. 

It can get tedious after a while. Until I developed a plan. Changed my mindset and saw dating in a new light.

I noticed a lot of women were after the long term. When they dated men and weren't attracting long-term guys they would get frustrated.

Here are some tips for you! 

* It's time away from the grind, enjoy it. Soak up the coffee/ tea and enjoy a place you chose to meet.

* You are meeting another human being, not an option for an end result.

*Be present and take in the surroundings - glance over to others and listen to the music playing in the background

* Be yourself - totally you. You don't need to impress - feel your yummy self and all your senses.

* If not him, then take in what this person said and adjust your desires and needs. Next!

* Something is there for you, even if it is a man that is relishing in your beauty, feel that. 

* Don't get caught up in "chemistry" it's not what you think. Take the time to get to know this person aside from magnetic attraction.

* Yes, you have needs too, and sex is great if you haven't had it in a while, but keep in mind you might get emotionally attached. Make choices based on how you will be after it's over. Will you be left feeling rejected, deflated, and emotionally attached?

* Keep your options open! Try not to become a couple with the first guy you click with. Enjoy your freedom.

* Peter Pans will really turn it on for a single mom. You are already a nurturing and over-functioning woman and that is appealing to someone who is looking to be taken care of. Try to look for someone that is going to be supportive of you and lighten your load and not put more on you. Look out for love bombing. They are good at it. 

Dating is a journey! It's more for discovering yourself than it is to hunt down a man. Take time to learn your true desires and what really isn't as important. Be very specific about what your priorities are. Their looks are great, their success is nice and their sexiness is fleeting. Hone in on his deeper attributes, the ones that will make him a great partner. 

Ask for what you need! This is so important as moms we often put it aside for our kids. Practice asking for what you want and need. It will feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but once you get your groove back, it will come easily.

Look for someone that is very attracted to you and will cherish you, not the other way around.

Getting back into your womanhood and feeling sexy is very important! Take time to really get your mojo back! You got this!


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