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5 Tips for Healthy Relationships Postpartum

Samantha Rynderman | Apr 24, 2023

Dear Parents, 

These tips are not in any particular order but are meant to help you focus on certain aspects of relationships that contribute to healthy dynamics.

  1. Communication
  • Be an assertive communicator! This means being calm and direct with your thoughts and feelings without dismissing the thoughts and feelings of your partner. You will be more likely to get your needs met when you are assertive. 

       2. Give and Take

  • Healthy give and take is so important to relationships, especially when navigating parenthood for the first time. Learn to recognize when you or your partner is taking on too much and try to ease the load. Sharing or delegating certain roles can make daily life that much easier!

       3. Alone Time

  • Making sure you designate alone time can mean the difference between burn out and staying afloat. Whether it is for yourself or you and your partner together, having alone time or date nights can help revive exhausted parents. 

      4. Shared Values

  • This is a broader topic that not only involves agreement on parenting but extends to goals as a couple in general. When partners get along and fulfill one another's needs they probably share many of the same values. On the other hand, when partners experience high conflict or stress from one another there is a chance their values are not totally aligned. 

      5. Empathy

  • Having empathy in your relationship is key to providing understanding and support to your partner. New mothers especially go through so much mentally, emotionally, and physically when postpartum. Take a moment each day to pause and ask your partner how they are feeling and how you can best support their needs. 

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