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What is Perinatal Mental Health?

Alexandra Paez-Ferreira | Mar 7, 2023

Perinatal mental health refers to the mental health of women during pregnancy and the first year after childbirth. It is a critical time in a woman's life that can bring about a range of emotions, including joy, anxiety, and stress. Unfortunately, perinatal mental health issues are common, with approximately 1 in 5 women experiencing depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions during this time.


The perinatal period is marked by significant hormonal changes that can affect a woman's mood and emotions. Additionally, there are social and psychological factors that contribute to perinatal mental health issues, such as the transition to motherhood, financial stress, and lack of social support.


Perinatal mental health issues can have a significant impact on both the mother and her baby. Untreated mental health issues during pregnancy can lead to poor prenatal care, preterm birth, and low birth weight. Additionally, a mother's mental health can have a significant impact on her ability to care for her child, and untreated mental health issues can lead to developmental delays in the child. It is essential to recognize the signs and symptoms of perinatal mental health issues and seek help if needed. 


Common symptoms of perinatal mental health issues include:

  • Feeling sad or hopeless
  • Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy
  • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Changes in appetite
  • Fatigue or lack of energy
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • Thoughts of harming yourself or your baby

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, it is essential to seek help from a healthcare provider. Treatment options for perinatal mental health issues may include therapy, medication, or a combination of both. Additionally, support from family, friends, and community resources can be beneficial.


In conclusion, perinatal mental health is a crucial issue that affects the well-being of both mother and baby. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of perinatal mental health issues and seeking help are essential for ensuring the best outcomes for both. With proper treatment and support, women can overcome perinatal mental health issues and thrive during this critical time in their lives.

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