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Melatonin in Toddlers. Good or Bad?

Jamie Ortiz | Feb 14, 2023


As adults, we know that Melatonin is necessary for sleep. But are over the counter supplements the answer? And is too much a good thing? What are the ins and outs of Melatonin?

First, many pediatricians will tell you to give your toddler melatonin. Even the pharmacy is filled with different bottles stating they are safe for your toddler.

While it's safe, the truth is too much of it might not be the answer.

It's true that Melatonin is natural. I mean, our bodies produce it at the age of 3-4 months. So how can something that's natural to our bodies be a "bad thing?"

The truth is that more studies are coming out and showing that if given on an everyday basis and for long periods of time, it actually won't work. Your body becomes immune to it.

Parents should never give melatonin to anyone under the age of 3 years old and the truth is, it's an aid to HELP THEM FALL asleep but not STAY asleep.


Here are some facts:


  • It's now considered a dietary supplement
  • It can cause nausea
  • Can cause headaches
  • Cases of overdose have become more popular
  • Stops working over time if given every night
  • So what do you do?

Many Pediatricians are now advising parents to teach independent sleep skills and I always give a list of foods that have melatonin in them. Of course, everything in moderation and paired with independent sleep skills would be the best option.



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