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Hospital Bag Checklist: 10 Things to Pack In Your Hospital Bag for Delivery

Super Administrator | Feb 3, 2023

When to start packing your hospital "GO" birth bag is entirely up to you. Keep in mind while you can never be too early, you can be too late! If you are carrying twins or are classified as a high-risk pregnancy, you may benefit from an "early is better approach" between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy. The average hospital stay for a vaginal birth is 24-48 hours, and the average stay for a Cesarean section is 48-72 hours. Keep this in mind when packing your hospital bag, knowing that plans may change and a longer stay may be necessary. Now for the fun part, Nurse Kate's top 10 must-haves for your hospital stay! 


Mom's Hospital Bag Essentials

Here's Nurse Kat's ultimate hospital bag checklist, with all the essentials you might need while staying at the hospital.


1) A mini fridge... 

JUST KIDDING!!! No, you can not bring a mini fridge, but you will need a good insulated water bottle free of plastics. My favorite eco-friendly version is the hydro flask with a sports top. This water bottle will keep your drink ICE cold without the micro-plastic aftertaste often accompanied by the free hospital version. 

Check out a good hydro flask example here.


2) Chapstick

Along with mini versions of your favorite toiletries, don't forget the CHAPSTICK when it comes to your hospital bag essentials. Hospital rooms can lack moisture because of the venting system, and your lips are usually the first to notice. My favorite go-to chapstick is Burt's Bees (Don't forget the basics, hair brush, moisturizer, toothbrush. Think airplane size).


3) Pijamas

Two pairs of your favorite jammies. Bringing your softest pair will bring a little of that home feeling to your hospital stay! When packing your birth bag, consider these jammies if you are short on options at home. 


4) Nontoxic period underwear

Skip the bulky diaper pads and bring a week's worth of comfortable, washable underwear by Bambody, proven to hold up to 6 tampons worth of blood. These soft, comfortable underwear are lab proven to contain no toxic chemicals. They will keep your Jammies free of any postpartum stains. Bring your favorite pads as a backup if you have never used period underwear before. They are definitely a must on our hospital bag checklist.


5) Portable charger and large charging cord

Again, these are also crucial hospital bag essentials! Keep your battery going so you can get that post-birth announcement posted and all those first photos your family can not wait to see. 


6) 4-7 Cotton newborn onesies with easy open diaper access.

Keep it simple and cute. Again, something you should consider putting in your mom's hospital bag. On that note, you can always consider these options. 


7) Earbuds/ Headphones or a Bluetooth speaker 

Just because you're at a hospital, it doesn't mean you can't unwind and relax a bit. To keep you connected to whatever music or podcast you like, consider putting your favorite headphones or earbuds in your hospital bag.


8) Comfortable Bras or Nursing Bras if you plan to breastfeed. 

Again, an essential item on your hospital bag checklist. You need to feel comfortable, so only bring bras that aren't a challenge to wear for longer periods of time.


9) A breastfeeding pillow. 

These comfortable pillows are for both the nursing and formula-feeding mama. The comfortable U shape fits easily over a potential c-section incision or a tender tummy. 


10) Your going-home outfit, including a flat shoe with room

Sometimes hospital IV fluids cause water retention in your hands and feet, making your shoes a little snug! Your favorite maternity outfit is probably still fair game. The uterus is about the same size as when you were about five months pregnant. Be gentle with yourself, you just birthed a human, and you are a rockstar. 


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