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Does goal setting sound like more work when you are already overextended?

Leanne Page | Jan 4, 2023

Close your eyes and imagine a year of parenting where things are done by design. No more knee jerk reaction, no more over-reactions, no reactive parenting.


2022 we had hoped would be a calmer year after the insanity of the last few years. How did that work out for you and your family? Do things feel calm and peaceful these days?


After all the hubbub of the holidays is over, let’s pause together and hit the reset button.


The Parenting with Intention Workshop offers you that reset. Pause and think about what you want 2023 to look like for your family. Get a guided workbook to walk you through step-by-step how to set goals for your family that work for you and are actually achievable. 


Moms- identify your values, define your hopes for your kids, and set realistic goals for each family member for 2023.


We are here to be proactive together and make 2023 our best year yet. The year of the mom!


Does goal setting sound lofty and unattainable?


It doesn’t have to be. Knowing where you want to end up makes the journey so much easier. When you get into the car to drive somewhere new or out of your normal everyday routine, do you just start going and hope you’ll get to the correct destination? Do you just go in a direction you think is right and see what happens? Probably not. You’ve got your waze and your google maps and all the things guiding you to the destination. So in your parenting why would you just randomly start going in a direction and hope that leads to a calm year full of happy memories with your family? Think of how much easier it would be to know what direction you are heading before starting out. 


Does goal setting sound like more work when you are already overextended? 


It doesn’t have to be. Break things down into manageable chunks that are actually useful to you. Cut out the excess work that sounds like it might be helpful. Get to what matters. Do this on your own or let me make it even easier for you inside the Parenting with Intention guided workbook. 


Webster’s dictionary defines intention as a determination to act in a certain way or resolve.

And intentional is defined as done by design.

Let’s be proactive this year and do things by design!


Get your guided workbook today and start just one step a time. Start off the new year on the right foot- the one you choose- in a way that reduces overwhelm and makes things easy for you!

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