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How to find a New Year's Eve Babysitter

Bambino Sitters | Dec 11, 2022

When should I book my New Year’s Eve Sitter?

Are you planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a much-deserved night out? Or traveling to ring in 2023 and need to find a local Sitter? New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest babysitter holidays of the year, so we recommend booking a Sitter at least 3 weeks in advance. Once you have an idea of what your plans are, it’s time to find the Sitter! Waiting until the last minute could leave you scrambling.

Read on for our best tips for securing a local, recommended New Year’s Eve babysitter. Here at Bambino, we make finding, booking, and paying great Sitters easy! 

Top Tips for Finding an NYE Babysitter

Use the resources available to you! Bambino shows you a list of vetted, available, and recommended Sitters nearby. In the app, you create a booking request with the times they’ll need a Sitter, how many kids will be present, and any additional information they would need to know before accepting your request. 

You review and select Sitters based on their profiles. We recommend checking the suggested Sitters box so that we can select additional Sitters for you if the ones you select are not available. Then, click send request and the request goes to your selected Sitters. They tell us if they’re available and then you can select the Sitter that is the best fit for your family. 

Parents have 24 hours to confirm a Sitter on Bambino. For New Year’s Eve, we recommend confirming quickly and messaging your Sitter with any additional details of the sit so everyone is on the same page.

Tip: Make sure to give accurate times in the request. The Sitter needs to know whether you’ll need a babysitter all night or if you’ll be back before midnight. If plans change, message your Sitter immediately. Your Sitter is making a commitment to be available to sit for the times you need. Once it gets closer to the date, if you need to cancel or shorten the hours, it’s polite to compensate your Sitter appropriately. 

How to Book a New Year’s Eve Babysitter If You’re Away from Home

You might want to give yourself even more time if you’re traveling for New Year’s and need to find a Sitter in your destination city. With a babysitting app like Bambino, you can see a list of trustworthy Sitters in your vacation city. The Sitters’ profiles will tell you more about their background and certifications. The profiles also include recommendations from Parents who book them, adding an extra layer of trust you are booking a high-quality babysitter. 

Once you confirm the Sitter that works best for your family, message them to schedule a video chat. Meeting each other over Facetime offers an opportunity to learn more about the Sitter and build trust. The Sitter has the opportunity to get to know your family as well!

Learn more about booking a babysitter while on vacation, here

How to Find a Last-Minute Babysitter for NYE

Decided not to bring the kids to the NYE party? Make life simple by reaching out to your favorite Sitters with just one request on Bambino. We recommend checking the “Add Suggested Sitters” box to increase your chances of finding an available Sitter. 

Something came up and I need a new Sitter: Thankfully on Bambino, the app with automatically send out a new request for you. Didn’t book your Sitter on Bambino? Within the app, create a booking request with the times you’ll need a Sitter, how many kids will be present, and any additional information they would need to know before accepting your request. 

You can either request specific Sitters based on their profiles or include suggest Sitters and the app will send the request to up to 50 Sitters that match the Sitters’ profiles you have already requested. Then, select the Sitter that is the best fit for your family. 

For last-minute requests, we recommend messaging your confirmed Sitter right away with any additional details of the sit so both of you are on the same page.

Send your request for a babysitter today and you’ll be in good shape to enjoy your New Year’s Eve knowing your children are happy and safe with your Bambino Sitter.

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