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What might be causing low milk supply ?

Nurse Kates Lactation Lounge | Dec 11, 2022

While most moms make plenty of milk, some do have low milk supply. Common reasons for this include some of the reasons below, but this is NOT ALL INCLUSIVE! Some medical conditions also cause milk supply disturbances ! Getting help from an expert can go along way in supporting you and your baby!


  • Limiting your baby's breastfeeding sessions. Remember, the more you feed on demand, the more milk you make( sometimes changing routine, having visitors or life events decrease feeds unknowingly)
  • Giving your baby infant formula instead of breastfeeding.
  • Introducing solid foods before baby is 4-6 months old.
  • Taking certain birth control pills or other medicine.
  • Not  getting enough sleep.
  • Drinking alcohol or smoking.
  • Have had breast surgery.


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