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Work, Homework, Motherhood and Balancing It All

Michelle Brown | Nov 28, 2022

Maybe I am the only mom that doesn't have perfect kids that ace everything. But I am the mom that will tell the truth in hopes that fellow parents know they are not alone in this quest to raising productive, happy, well-rounded kids. 

This weekend all three of my girls ranging from 4th grade down, dumped all of their assignments on me.
In their eyes they are doing AWESOME in school and they are loving it, which makes me happy.
But as I delved deeper into their work, my oldest was missing easy problems, my middle is the one that aces everything and my youngest is struggling with reading. 
I took a deep breath as I still needed to work last night, put all three to bed, help one prep for her presentation today and get in that extra reading practice with my youngest.

That feeling of overwhelm tickled the back of my neck.
I have mounds of work I need to do.
I have work I need to help them with.

I still had a load of laundry for our other business to do.
The words I am NOT a teacher kept running through my head. Their attention and patience span with me teaching them is 5 minutes!

On top of the overwhelm I started to feel like a failure. 

I stacked their work to the side and logged onto I had a choice here. To take the world on myself or to get a village that can support me.
Margie is an AMAZING teacher with 14 years of experience teaching who CAN EASILY help my 5 year old with phonics clearning up my time do do extra language arts work with my oldest.

Sometimes that best thing we can do is ask for help and recognize we are not created to do it all on our own!

I love doing phonics with Coach Margie on as it's online, it's affordable and my daughter can do it from home!

Thank goodness for this amazing village. The overwhelm subsided and I can get back to enjoying motherhood! 

Here is Coach Margies link if you want to schedule a time with her!