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Angela Tuck | Nov 22, 2022



Thanksgiving is this week and with the expectation of family visits one might be excited for the interaction with family members or not and as an estrangement and reconciliation coach I want to leave you with this before you spend time with your family this holiday. 

If there is a family member that you do not enjoy spending time with and have thoughts about know that you can change that thought to a thought that serves you. That is what life coaching is all about. Finding patterns of thought that aren’t serving you and changing that thought to feel different. Only you are responsible for the way you feel. So, uncle so and so says that one thing that gets you fired up what else can you think so that you don’t feel fired up? See, you’re not going to change your uncle, but you can change how you feel about him by changing your thoughts. Your uncle is 100% lovable as he is. It’s up to you and your capacity to love that depends on if you enjoy your thanksgiving this year.

What is lovability and your capacity to love?  You are the object of your love, but your lovability will depend on your willingness and capacity to love yourself unconditionally. You don’t need to have anyone show you how lovable you are. Not a parent, lover, child, can prove to you your amount of lovability. You are 100% lovable. There’s nothing you can do to be more worthy of love. Your lovability is absolute. You are as loveable as you’ll ever be infinitely lovable. You always have been. It’s important to know your being loved is not about you. It’s about the person loving you. Your lovability has to do with the other person’s capacity to love you. Read that again and keep with you that it is their capacity to love you and you have no control over that capacity. Just know and believe that you are already 100% loveable as you are right now.

With that, enjoy your thanksgiving while practicing make space in your heart to love yourself and others unconditionally. 


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