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What would change if you Redefined Motherhood?

Patty Castellanos | Nov 16, 2022

Hey Mama, I see you… Doing your best as you move through motherhood. The many layers that are uniquely yours. The parts of you that maybe you yourself haven't seen in a while. You struggle to find time to take a shower and when you do, you hear the baby crying or the kids fighting. You rush out only to discover that they are calm and comfortable. You dream of dancing or taking that yoga class. You can even still taste that last cappuccino you had at your favorite coffee shop or remember what that last outing was where where you felt your best.


You move through the day getting thing done, wondering when things will change… “When will I feel like myself?", you may ask. “Who am I kidding, I don't even know who I am anymore", comes to mind as you worry about other’s needs and take care of all the upcoming activities. You feel overwhelmed with everything you have on a list that only you know of, but you put on that smile and push through, but you likely had a breakdown first. That breakdown may have been all out there in front of everyone including the kids, leaving you feeling that mom guilt hard. Maybe it was in your silent hiding, where only you know of it, leading you to feel a deep shame. Yup, I see that too… That sadness, resentment and irritability, because you don't feel like you're enough,  enough, despite everything you do. You feel like no one sees you…


But Mama, what if you are the one that doesn’t yet see yourself? What if you got to know this mother as a new woman and the things that are important to her beyond the mundane daily tasks?

What would change if you began to prioritize yourself and take care of more for yourself than just a shower and a rushed meal?

What would change if you took back control of your life and decided to put yourself first? To bring in the parts of you that took a back seat in the big transition into motherhood and find ways to let it shine?

Take time to answer these questions and explore for yourself what would change if you cared for others from a place where you feel you are having fun and mothering as yourself, not trying to be someone you’re not! As you make the decision to take back control of your life, bridging the woman you were with the mother you are becoming, you begin to discover the non-negotiables you need in your life.


So I ask you today, What is one small thing you used to do that you can bring into motherhood in a small and easy to do way? Maybe is was listening to music, dancing or art. Perhaps it was yoga, journaling or reading. Choose making this a part of your daily routine and attach it to something mundane that you already do. For example, take a dance break just before lunch or listen to music while folding laundry. Notice how that feels… It feels good to take back control of your life with the small things that are uniquely yours. Now keep moving, you got this, Mama!


Has this been helpful to you? Share it with a woman or mother it may help. Would you like to learn more tools like this? I would love to talk to you on a short, I Help Moms call, listen to what's on your mind and help you discover tools and strategies to redefine motherhood.  You can schedule some time with me at this link where we will meet on a video call. I look forward to hearing how this tool helps you!

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