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How can I help my baby fall asleep with confidence?

Trish Martin | Nov 15, 2022

I talk a lot about sleep confidence, but what does that actually mean. 

Babies thrive on consistency which creates routine, no matter what that looks like.

As they grow and develop, babies also become more aware of their surroundings. This means, it's important, when it comes to sleep, to create an environment that they recognise and feel safe. 

Let's look at what this looks like. 

✅First babies thrive on routine and that can be different for each mom and baby. It's important to know what works for you and if it's sustainable. 

If you are looking for a good sleep routine then this post is for you. 

✅Bed and bedroom. Placing baby in bed, awake, in the same room for most of their day and night sleep creates confidence. It's their safe space.

✅ Picture, paintings, images on walls close to where they fall asleep is a great idea, keeping safety in mind. These decorating pieces will be recognised by your baby, every time they are placed in bed awake. As they wake, they are still in the same environment.

✅Swaddles or sleep sacks also helps with sleep. It's important to only use these for sleep (naps and at night) especially for babies over the age of 6-8 weeks. Placing them in a sleeping bag just before sleep can help them know it's bedtime. 

✅Cudldies or age appropriate sleep toys can also help your baby fall asleep easier. Some babies love having some kind security blanket or toy to help them sleep. 

✅Positive mindset - always important and I can't emphasise this enough, especially for new mums. Believing in yourself, feeling confident and knowing what works for you can all help your baby with sleep confidence. 



Do you have a confident sleeper?

An environment  to help your baby become a confident and happy sleeper is very important and makes it so much easier to navigate your parenting journey. 

😴- Your baby knows their bed whether it’s a bassinet or cot. 

😴- They enjoy lying awake in their bed and can self regulate and fall asleep when ready. 

😴- You close the curtains after you have placed them in bed and say goodnight. 

😴- Knows the difference from day and night sleeps. 

😴- Bedtime is consistent.

😴- Good feeding routine.

😴- Wakes up happy from naps and in morning. 

😴- Happily waits for you to come and get them out of bed. 


It’s  about being consistent and creating an environment for them to recognise and feel safe. 


Do you need help with giving your baby sleep confidence? Get in touch and let’s chat😊

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