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Find Your Calm In Motherhood With These Affirmations

Michelle Brown | Nov 15, 2022

As a Certified Happiness Coach, I am want to live every day in a place of fulfillment, joy and peace. This does not happen without having great tools in your toolbox especially as a mom!
Keep these affirmations printed out and handy or bookmark this post so you can find CALM in the middle of the busy-ness of motherhood!

Here is my latest podcast episode on 5 was to get back in balance after marriage, kids, career throws you a curve ball!

I will take care of myself to be a good mother

I am learning to be a better mother every day

I will be kind to myself

Being a mother shows me how strong I am

Accepting help brings good energy to the world

I am important

Today I will notice the positive things I do

I embrace the here and now

I am calm and peaceful under pressure

It’s going to be okay.

I am doing my best as a mom and I am enough

I am love to my family and I am loved in return.

I am working hard to support my family

I am an intentional parent

I will laugh with my children today