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How To Create a Namaste Home

Ashley Logsdon | Oct 12, 2022

How To Create Namaste At Home


How do you create a namaste environment in your home, and what exactly does "namaste" even mean? As I was challenged this week on what all I deliver to families, this reminder of my business name stood out once again. It's Mama Says Namaste for a reason, right? So what exactly does namaste mean to my family? How do we create this in our home?


What is the essence of namaste? I have a whole page and podcast devoted to the words "om" and "namaste", and I invite you to dig into the meanings of them both. If I could summarize the importance of namaste to me, this is it:


It's pretty eye-opening to view this as honoring the place where the entire universe resides. That takes into account all of humanity, and our basic needs for survival. This isn't just sitting in "zen meditation" all you life; it's seeing all about life that is required for true living. It's getting involved, falling down and getting back up, learning and growing and adapting along with an ever-growing world. 


How often do you react to a situation in the moment without the bigger picture in mind? How many times do you get clear on exactly the way things "should" be, and then something completely throws you off? Are you clear on what your bigger goal is - what the grand picture is on the life you want to create?


Setting Intention

When we talk about being intentional, it's not about having the next ten years planned out. It's really more about mindset than anything else. 

You can be intentional about controlling one thing, and one thing only, and that is YOU. It's your thoughts, your actions/reactions, and your perspective on life and how you play a part in it. 


You cannot be 100% intentional about your whole path moving forward and stay true to that without flexibility. Variables will happen. Broken down cars, sickness and hurricanes have all shifted our course.

Sometimes we do a disservice to our family/our kids by being so regimented that we don't allow for those variables. Those variables in life - those are the lessons to give you an opportunity to learn something new. What does it make possible for you?