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How to start a Meditation Practice and stick with it

Valerie Lundgren | Oct 11, 2022

When you hear Meditation practice, do you pick a monk sitting on the floor, completely zen'd out and quiet for hours out of the day? Yes, this is one way to meditate, but it is not the MOM way! We have to schedule in our time between the kids, sports, dinners, social time etc. So how do we get in meditation time? I heard this so often from clients. “I don't have time, meditation takes too long." or “I can't sit still for that long."  

 I understand and hear ya, and guess what? You don't have to sacrifice a lot of time for a great meditation practice.  


Let's start with the basics. 

First, meditation isn't about sitting in quiet and shutting off the brain. It is a time for you to connect with your breath and heart and come into the full present moment. When you start your practice set aside 2 minutes a day, anytime that works best for you. I like doing it right in bed before I roll out and get going for the day. Setting my intention for a calm, productive day. You can use a guided meditation from an app like Calm, Insight Timer, Headspace. Most of these apps have music, a timer and even a great visual of a circle that moves in and out with a breathing pattern that you can follow. These all help to keep you on track and accountable as you login in daily. 

Once you have established 2 minutes a day for a week, and that feels easy to do, move up to 4 minutes and so on. 


 Once you build up your practice you will easily get to 30 minutes daily, but do not feel obligated to hit that time every day. Creating habits and doing an activity should be enjoyable. If you dreed getting set up for meditation then I suggest we find something else as equally calming and supportive for your mental health. How about a 10 minute Mindful Walk outside? A Mindful walk is one where you slow down, observe with all of your senses. This is not a power walk to get from A to B, but rather a walk to reconnect with your breath and body. 


Not your cuppa tea? No worries, have a cuppa tea! Sit with a warm non alcoholic drink and again sit with the intention of connecting with yourself. Using your senses to come fully into that present moment. The smell of the beverage, the feeling of the mug and how warm it is, seeing the steam rise from the cup, tasting the beverage. 


And Remember, this is a practice, not a perfect. We are human and have busy lives. Give yourself grace and kindness as you start this journey.


With Just 5 minutes a day, research has shown meditation to help clear the mind, improve mood, boost brain function, reduce stress, slow down the ageing process and support a healthy metabolism


Start today with a guided video I created for you below


Namaste and all the love

~ Valerie Lundgren

Meditation/Mindfulness Coach 



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