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3 Signs That Your Child Might Need a Tutor

Nwakaego Nwaifejokwu | Oct 4, 2022



Not sure if your child would benefit from some extra academic support?  Well, no worries this blog will help you identify some of the tell-tale signs.  Here are the 3 top reasons your child might need a tutor:


☗ Sign #1  


At home, homework time is a challenge because your child….

- avoids doing homework

- often struggles with independently getting started

- is consistently confused about assigned work

- spends long periods of time trying to complete it

- has meltdowns or even cries when tasked to do homework


☗ Sign # 2


Your child shows the following signs of being unorganized and frustrated:

- gets physical sick or has anxiety about attending school

- lacks interest in school or explicitly say they ‘do not like school’

- presents with low self-esteem or a change of personality 

- has poor time management skills regarding academic tasks at home or at school

- lacks a sense of organization when completing school work (for example school work is very  messy)


☗ Sign # 3


Your child is consistently demonstrating low academic performance.  Here are some contributing factors to look for:

-receives poor grades on tests or assignments

- is below grade level and at risk of being left back in their current grade

- teacher states that your child works best with 1 to 1 instruction and support

- struggles with working independently

- requires more time to process or learn new concepts

- is easily distracted and has poor attention skills


The great news is that tutors, with academic teaching experience can help address all of these areas. Tutoring sessions are individualized learning experiences.  They are tailored to reflect each students’ specific needs.  With a licensed professional educator your child’s tutoring experience will be in line with the academic expectations of a school.   


Give your child the support that they need to help them bloom and blossom! 



For more articles about the benefits of tutoring follow my blog ‘The Teachable Tutor’s Thoughts'  

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