Best Butt Exercises For Moms

Best Butt Exercises For Moms

What happened to my butt after I had babies?  I am SAGGY! YIKES!

I made an appointment to talk to Pregnancy and Postpartum Mommy Fitness expert Moji. This amazing mommy fitness trainer and owner of Prenatal and Beyond Fit showed me 
3 must do butt exercises for moms! 

  1. Leg lift crossovers
  2. Hip thrusts: single leg, and both legs
  3. Plié Squats with dumbbell

Do 15 reps per set for a total of 3-4 sets

Leg lift crossovers

Begin in an all fours position with your hands stacked under your shoulders, keeping your back flat. Bring your left leg up to the ceiling, keeping it bent with your foot flexed. As you bring your leg back down cross it over your right leg. Then bring it back up to the ceiling and as you bring your left leg back down, bring it to your chest. That’s 1 rep. Do 15 per side. Feel the burn!


Single leg and both leg hip thrusts

Begin by laying on a mat with both heels of your feet resting on a chair/bench. Then lift your left leg straight up in the air, lifting your back off the floor but keeping the right heel on the edge of the chair.

Your right heel is driving your right leg up and working your gluteal muscles of the right leg.

Do 15 reps per side. Then leave both heels on the edge of your chair/bench and push your butt up so that you can feel it in both glutes together.


Plié Squats with dumbbell

Begin in a squat position with a wider then hip-width stance and your toes pointing outwards. Keep your upper body nice and upright, and your butt tucked under as you lower your body to pick up a dumbbell from the floor. 

Then comeback up into starting position and go back down to put the dumbbell back on the floor.