Best Backpacks For Back To School

Best Backpacks For Back To School

As school approaches, many moms face the familiar debate of cute backpacks versus durable backpacks.  I spent years working in a chiropractic office that saw A LOT of kiddos with headaches, neck pain and scoliosis.  There is no doubt that a school year full of kids straining to hold books in ill fitting, poorly made backpacks can contribute to spinal misalignment, and NO ONE wants that for their kids!

To help moms find great backpack options here are the picks!

We loved that this Cool Baby had extra padding for maximum comfort.  The front compartment if something is sticky or wet is an added bonus!






Designed for our little ones ages 3 to 8, this BPA Free, Waterproof and Machine Washable this Nohoo® Kids Backpack is fun and functional!  The waist strap also adds a little more sturdiness as well!






Obersee Kids Backpack is one of our favorites for the front pocket with an insulated lunch cooler so no need to tote an extra lunch bag AND adjustable, breathable mesh padded straps and breathable padded mesh lumbar section on back for ultimate comfort!






We’re a fan of the Bixbee Animal backpacks that rest comfortably on kids shoulders, thanks to contoured shoulder straps with cushy padding.






Looking for something durable and that will help take strain off your child’s back? This Northface is one of our favorites for older students!

We hope this gives you some great options that will help your children’s school year get off to a healthy start! If you have further questions, make sure to contact our Family Chiropractors who will ensure your child gets fitted correctly for their backpacks!

“We want to make sure our kid’s backpacks are not only well adjusted, but that they aren’t over loaded. Help them learn what each of the straps is for, how to put it on and make sure it’s properly buckled. Carrying a heavy backpack inappropriately causes compromising imbalance and posture as well as undue stress to the spine. One day of poor posture isn’t too damaging, but an entire week, quarter, or school year can create subluxations which mean less life potential to your children.”
Dr. Dawn Maynard, D.C.
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