Battle of The Mom Bloggers: This Is The Right Way to Give Birth...according to who?

Battle of The Mom Bloggers: This Is The Right Way to Give Birth…according to who?

I have had two home births.  There I said it.  You can point your finger, judge me and scoff.  It’s fine, I don’t mind.

Me, an hour after giving birth with my second daughter. One word: HYPNOBIRTH
Me, an hour after giving birth

For me birth is all about where a woman feels safe, comfortable and confident. I think the absolute world of Dr. David Lubetkin and Boca Midwifery, so if I were to choose to birth in a hospital, they would hands down be who I would go with.

However, I know for me home is where I want to be to give birth.  I like to walk around, get food, be in my own bed and use my shower and tub to labor in.  My first birth was 18 hours long. I got stalled at 7 cm and I was so grateful to have an amazing doula Dr. Vivian Keeler and midwife Sharon Hamilton to oversee the process and to keep me relaxed.  Did the birth go perfect?  Nope, but my midwife has over 30 years experience and 2,000+ births.  She knew exactly what to do when the baby’s heart rate dropped and with the complications I had with my placenta.

My second birth I knew I wanted to learn how to relax during birth so I took a series of 5 Hypnobirth Classes at Amazing Births and Beyond in Hollywood.

Dr. Vivian Keeler, Marie Mongan and I December 2014
Dr. Vivian Keeler, Marie Mongan and I December 2014

I learned how to focus my attention on pressure, NOT pain.  I invested in actively going to the classes and practicing DAILY! I worked out at 10:30 pm on November 12 then went into labor at 2:30 am. I wanted it to be dark and quiet.  I was on the bed, up on all fours with pillows under my belly.  We called our birth team telling them to take their time as my last birth was 18 hours long.  Well, this time around since my body had already given birth it was so much easier, intense, but easier. I surrendered to my bodies natural ability to use contractions to release the baby into the world instead of pushing.  At 6:05 am I had a wave (contraction) and her head was out.  I was talking to the midwife on the phone, in complete control, in complete peace.  NO PAIN.  I then asked my husband if he was in the room and could catch the baby as she was coming.  I felt another wave (contraction) and her body easily slid out.  There was no crying.  No screaming.  Just absolute peace and love.  I cradled her warm body next to mine and we just laid in the dark with one another.  It is the best moment of my life.  The natural hormones released in the body after giving birth are so strong it is simply incredible.  I always feel like I am flying on top of the world.

Capture the Bliss Photography
Capture the Bliss Photography

For me, birth is very spiritual, very feminine, nothing to be feared but to be embraced.  It is funny to me how women feel judged by C-sections, Epidurals whatever it may be.  I feel just as judged for choosing to do a home birth!

The truth is though, I could care less how a woman gives birth, it’s your body, your choice, your responsibility.  I think women should celebrate the fact that we bring wonderful life into the world and give recognition to one another to how powerful we are to nurture and sustain another life in our wombs!
How amazing we all are!

From Leah: Mom of 6 and Founder of

Leah, amazing mom of 6!
Leah, amazing mom of 6!

I have 6 babies, that means I have given birth 6 times. { I actually like being pregnant and giving birth} I have had all of my babies in the hospital, and I think I have given birth every way possible…. Quick re-cap.

James born 2003 – Unplanned induction – with epidural. My bag of waters tore and after 24 hours I still hadn’t started contractions.

Tommy born 2005 – Planned induction – with epidural. My husband was overseas serving in Iraq, and this way he was able to take the day off {over there} and be on the phone with me

Leah and her beautiful family!
Leah and her beautiful family!

Tim born 2006 – Emergency C-Section. He was born 10 weeks early. I had placenta previa, he was breech, and I was bleeding.

Benji born 2010 – Planned C-Section. I was nervous about doing a VBAC and didn’t think to switch doctors… looking back I should have found a new provider.

Swim born 2013 – All natural! A VBACx2!!! I was so happy!

Charlotte born 2014 – Tentative planned induction – with epidural. Little girl was happy and snug and I was induced at 41 weeks 5 days. Because I had previous C-Sections I had a deadline.

I actually like giving birth in the hospital. I don’t think I could have ever done a homebirth. When I look at my home I see all things that need to be done… dishes, vacuuming, getting people lunch. It’s just not a place for me that I can just forget and focus like I need to when I give birth. And after having a baby that was 10 weeks early… the “what if” is always in the back of my mind. I find peace in knowing that there are people there that can help my baby if he needs it right away.

I think the best way to give birth is to find a provider that will listen to you. Your needs, your wants, your desires with your birth. I think that we need to have realistic expectations, and be wise in our choices, but I believe that women should birth how they want. Whether it be at home, in a birthing center, or like me, in a hospital.


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