Back To School Secrets from a School Director

Back To School Secrets from a School Director

August marks the beginning of a new school year, and for many children, and parents, it holds stress and anxiety for all involved. Being prepared emotionally is the key for a smooth start to the school year. There are many things you can do to help your child prepare for this momentous occasion. I can’t guarantee there won’t be crying the first day, but I can provide some helpful hints:

    • The first step is to start winding down the summer schedule at least two weeks before school starts. Begin to set daily routines for the day, such as mealtime and especially bedtime, as children find comfort in routines. Setting this schedule now, will make the first day go like a charm.
    • Before school starts, take a special day with your child and go on tour of the school.
    • Bring your child to school several times before school starts, if it is the first time. Talk about school in a very positive manner.  Try to meet the teacher before school starts.
    • Explain the schedule and activities to your child and tell them how much fun they will have. Remember to remind them that someone will always pick them up.
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    • Allow your child to take a transitional object such as a small stuffed animal with them for security.
    • To make this occasion extra special, take your child shopping to buy a new outfit or uniform, lunch box, and shoes for first day of school. Let them pick it out as this will bolster self-esteem and independence which they will need for this new experience.
    • Allow your child to have their own alarm clock in their bedroom. This will make them feel grown up and feel as if they have responsibility
    • Make sure you are allowed to stay in the classroom until your child is settled down. Never let a teacher pull your child away from you!
    • Many children cry when they are separated from Mom and Dad the first day of school.This is particularly true for children who have never been to preschool or daycare. Separation is a frightening experience, and crying is normal the first day or even the first week. However, if your child continues to cry after a week’s time, you might want to reexamine the situation. Talk with the teacher to get their opinion. Some children just need more time at home. Remember, all children are individuals and some are not developmentally ready.

To further prepare your child for the first days of school, read these books together:

  • The Berenstain Bears Go To School- By Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • Arthur Goes To School- By Marc Brown
  • Franklin Goes To School- ByPaulette Bourgeois, Brenda Clark

Good Luck! And don’t forget the camera!

Dr. Cindy Bunin
Director of Cambridge School Coral Springs

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