Back Pain and Motherhood

Back Pain and Motherhood

I was always healthy growing up and then I became a cheerleader….The thrill of flying through the air as a flyer and having thousands of fans cheer with you in stadiums is certainly exhilarating.  Then one day I was at practice and I got thrown over a pyramid, missed the catch, and fell on my head, crushing my neck in the ground.

The rest of my collegiate life I as uncomfortable, getting headaches and my needing to constantly move my neck to alleviate the tension.  But I always got the same feedback from friends and Doctors…take pain meds.  So I did.  I remember one day I was in such a fog that I was literally dragged out of bed.  It scared me so bad to feel so out of control that I stopped taking the meds and LIVED WITH THE CHRONIC PAIN AND DISCOMFORT.  That’s normal right?

As luck would have it, one night in my 20’s I was having a drink with a girlfriend and then it happened when the door to the bar opened….I fell in love at first site.  It was undeniable, unstoppable.  There was only one big problem.  He was a chiropractor.

Where I grew up chiropractic was an unknown.  Without knowing anything about what it really was, I told him flat out I didn’t want to ever get adjusted.

Thankfully he was patient and loved me too:)  I cracked my neck all of the time and I used to be happy go lucky, but since the accident I had become very emotional and irritated.  Finally tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own body, I agreed to get adjusted.

My entire life changed.  I needed to marry this guy!! So I did! But most importantly over our journey together I came to understand what chiropractic IS.  I have felt so good for so many years I take being married to a chiropractor completely for granted.  Then it happened.  Last week, my daughter peed on the floor, didn’t tell me and I slipped so hard on the marble floor I couldn’t move.  The back pain was so intense it was like the sciatica I got during pregnancy.  I literally have never been so happy to get adjusted and get out of pain.  It reminded me how naive I was in understanding chiropractic and that I should tell the truth about it.

1.  Chiropractors are specifically trained to detect misalignments of the spine and correct them through adjustments.

2.  Chiropractic is essential to allowing you to express your full potential and life expression.  When I had my cheerleading accident my spinal cord was impacted, compressing discs and causing pinched nerves.  Once I got adjusted, my spine was in alignment and my body was in a state of ease.

3.  Chiropractic does not work over night.  It is like the gym or dentists appointments.  If you don’t stick to a regular schedule, your spine will retrace to its misaligned state.  If you go to the gym regularly you will see results.  If you keep you get your teeth checked you can avoid decay and cavities.

4.  Chiropractic like eating right, getting your eyes checked, is ALWAYS better to do as a step leading TO health and wellness instead of AFTER you have a health problem.  So many people spend 30 years of their life out of alignment and then expect their disc problems or headaches to disappear instantly.  It takes time to correct years of abusing your spine!

5.  Chiropractic is good for the whole family.  As a busy mom I know I do not have time to get sick and I do not have time for my kids to be sick.  Chiropractic has been found to boost the immune system naturally!

6.  People who say chiropractic didn’t work people did not follow their care plan consistently or may not understand the purpose of chiropractic.  Chiropractic is not a pill, lotion or outside element to cure pain and aliments.  It is an INTERNAL process that results from the spine being in alignment, taking pressure off of the spine and nerves, allowing the body to heal from within.

It’s actually pretty common sense really.
What is the first system developed in a baby in the womb?
It must be pretty important right?
It controls and coordinates your whole body.  Why wouldn’t you want to make sure this master system of your body is in alignment for the best life possible?
The earlier you can ensure the spine is in alignment, the better!
My first daughter had horrible torticollus and colic.  We got her adjusted and she has been sick twice in almost 4 years!  Her immune system is so strong and because we started early in her life getting adjusted she rarely has to get adjusted!

The most common symptoms why families get adjusted are:
Ear Infections
Bed Wetting
Back Pain
Neck Pain