Avoid Tantrums When Traveling This Summer

Avoid Tantrums When Traveling This Summer

#1 thing to remember with traveling, and avoiding tantrums:

Set expectations and FOLLOW THROUGH.
Leading up to your vacation start to practice with your kids what boundaries and expectations you have of them when going out. You have to think of shaping as in breaking down big behaviors into little steps. So once they master one piece of it then you move on to the next. Most parents have been tolerating problem behaviors when it gets explosive. I want you to start implementing this strategy very early on.

For example they show you the first problem behavior that you are not ok with. They were rude to you or someone else. Let them know that is not ok, Being polite and considerate is important to you. Being rude is not acceptable. This is their first warning. If you are rude to me or anybody else you will… you decide what the consequence is.
And then FOLLOW THROUGH!!! But make sure that you are just following through on what you had already explained and not piling on more punishments because you are angry.

-give them a warning of the behavior that is not ok and what you would like to see
-follow through but don’t continue to pile on consequences.
-remind yourself that good parenting sometimes looks like a hot mess. It’s not supposed to be perfect
-don’t be afraid to ask for help from our ihelpmoms.com expert family therapists and parenting coaches!

#1 key to happy travel:

Take care of your mind and yourself to set the stage for a beautiful trip
The better state of mind that you are in the better energy and dynamics will be flowing for you. And your energy is a powerful field that your kids pick up on. You will be more receptive to make adjustments as things come up to keep things moving along deliciously. Remember worry more about YOU being happy, Show your kids how you do that, and teach your kids that only they control if they are happy or not.

What do you do to be in a great state of mind?

We want to hear your tips to relax, get in your happy place and stay calm so you can mom on!

On A Mission To Make Motherhood Easier,

Michelle, ihelpmoms.com CEO/Founder

Marcela, ihelpmoms.com Family Therapist

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