Are You Over Scheduling Your Kids?

Are You Over Scheduling Your Kids?

Science shows that academics isn’t the only way that children’s brains can grow!!

Remember these keys to your child’s optimal development:
1.  It is important to NOT overdo.
2. Have a sense of balance
3. Check in regularly with your child and listen CURIOUSLY to if they feel overwhelmed

How do you identify what your children’s gift is:
1.  Play to your child’s strengths and interests
2.  Remember to focus on the GOOD things they are doing!

Every child is different.  You know your child best.  Some kids have a harder time with transitions, other kids are fine, but one thing for sure focus on the positive to avoid unnecessary pressure.  Don’t compare your self to other families and kids.  Instead take the TIME to think about what is best for YOU and YOUR KIDS

And remember for your own happiness:

Take inventory of YOUR schedule and mae sure you are not over scheduling yourself causing more house hold stress.  Sometimes saying no is the BEST thing we can do! Be gentle with yourself.  YOU are a superhero.

On a Mission To Make Motherhood Easier:)

Michelle, Founder/CEO

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