Am I The Only Mom That Doesn’t Have Super Powers?

11986440_857233151039974_775255889074536566_nToday I dropped my oldest daughter off at preschool, did a mommy and me class and then headed over to a playdate and then jetted to the grocery store, then ran back to my house to drop the baby off to start working all before noon.  Truth be told, I desperately wanted to curl up and take a nap! (but SHHHHH don’t tell anyone as I know moms aren’t supposed to admit when they are tired especially around moms that have more kids than me!)

There are often times in the ‘bus-iness’ of motherhood, I take inventory if I am doing things that best that I can to create a great childhood for my girls.  Here’s the truth – with just one child I could have morning playdates, afternoon playdates, coffee dates, lunch dates, you name it I was there.  Now with two kids I am finding life to be very different!

photo copyIf you are a mom like me that wonders what another family’s ‘routines looks like’ I thought as usual I would tell the truth here on so moms don’t feel alone!

My baby usually goes down for her afternoon nap at 1:00pm and I work as hard and as fast as a mompreneur can!  Then I cringe as I walk into her room to wake her up so we can do school pick up.  Her sweet little face looks up at me saying “Why the heck are you lifting me out of my comfy crib where I just want to get a solid nap?”

11899929_852543034842319_7526807539044110894_nAfter we come home, I spend some time just letting my oldest relax and unwind.  We just hang out reading books, playing together or enjoying outside.  Around 4:45 pm, I wonder why the heck I didn’t schedule an afternoon playdate, as I am digging into my energy reserves to keep playing!  My baby is at that stage where she is crawling, grabbing, chewing at EVERYTHING, so there is no sitting down ever! Then I feed the baby and start cooking dinner.

I have this safe kitchen stool that thankfully a friend introduced me to, where my toddler can stand and help me make dinner.  At the same time I pray and cross my fingers that my baby will happily play in her jumper so I can cook.

11800137_841358252627464_2559070354508175426_nI feed my toddler and then it’s off to do bath time.  My stomach is growling like crazy, but I know I need to keep moving the bedtime routine along and I yearn to eat a meal with my husband, so I wait to eat.  We play in my older daughter’s room enjoying some special bonding time over books.

When hubby comes home, he plays with the girls, I set him up with dinner, then I feed the baby her final bottle, put her down to sleep then read books to my toddler to get her to sleep.  Then I clean up the kitchen, now having lost my taste for food, as I would just rather get everything cleaned up for the night and go to bed!

Then hubby and I spend some time together reading, watching Million Dollar Listing or working out.  Then around 10 pm I work for another couple hours, wash and prep bottles, make my toddler’s lunch for the next day and around midnight head off to sleep.

We all have different household schedules depending on whether you are married, what your household work schedules are, what your children’s activity schedules include I always laugh when I hear moms say a child has to be in bed by 6:30! Ha! My kids would never see their dad!  As I always say here at it’s your baby your choice:)

Instead of judging other moms, here at we foster a positive community and I want to learn what other moms do between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 pm to create a fun environment for their kids, so COMMENT and share your ideas:)