Alternatives to Yelling at your Kids

Alternatives to Yelling at your Kids

You are a good parent.

You are in good company as every parent will yell at their child in their lifetime, as we are all human. Don’t feel as if you are a terrible parent, you’re not!

Alternatives to yelling:

When you find yourself about to start yelling, try some of these interventions and see what happens.  You may be surprised. It is called redirection. Redirecting is a technique that works very well, by taking the attention away from the negative behavior and redirecting it toward a new situation. Most of the time, the kids will just stop and look at you in amazement and then break into laughter and join in. You have managed to disarm a potential emotional explosion!

  • Bang arms on your chest like a monkey
  • Start clapping and jumping up and down
  • Get out the pots and pans and make a band
  • Run around the house
  • Start dancing and singing
  • Do jumping jacks
  • Make animal sounds
  • Start talking nonsense words
  • Get the phone and start taking pictures

drcindyBy Dr. Cindy Bunin, LMFT

Cambridge PreSchool 


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