Why I Have To Admit My Husband Is Right About Motherhood

Why I Have To Admit My Husband Is Right About Motherhood

The other night I got so frustrated that I am not able to go to bed at 11 and wake up at 4:30 am without suffering major health consequences.  I need to live life at 150%.  I asked my husband why I could not push myself to the brim.

He said simply you go to bed late and you get up before dawn. Your body doesn’t like it.
Then he went back to checking FB.

I have to feed the baby I thought defensively!  I have to do the laundry and clean the kitchen I fumed at him for not understanding my mom life.

Then  I sat back a minute.  Dang.  He is so right.  It’s just that simple.  Be more productive during the day to go to sleep earlier.

A couple of days later I told him about this incredibly manipulative, hurtful mom.  I told him what happened and that I was choosing not to engage with her in any way shape or form.  I want only positive people in my life.

Then he said you aren’t going engage. What else is there to talk about?

Dang again! He is so right.  There is absolutely no reason to bring up her name or think about her again.  I can be kind when I see her and not have anything else to do with her.  Again.  It’s seriously that simple.

This last week, I realized my husband’s ability to compartmentalize situations definitely Makes Motherhood Easier.  No more worrying about silly things.  No more stressing over meaningless situations that don’t add value to life.

Sometimes it is refreshing to think like a man.
Business. Sex. Family.  Food. Day is Done.

Does your husband or partner ever give you really great insight reminding you to stress less and have more fun?
Would love to hear!

On A Mission To Make Motherhood Easier,

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