iHelpMoms.com: About Us

Meet iHelpMoms.com Founder Michelle

Her Mom-preneur Passion

She is a mom of three and an entrepreneur with over 14 years experience in marketing, customer service and connecting with businesses and moms to help them achieve their purpose with passion. Her heartfelt purpose in life is to help others and she created iHelpMoms.com to provide a one-stop website for moms to find everything they need to make motherhood easier. Michelle recognized upon becoming a mom herself that true joy in motherhood came with finding a village of loving, quality family experts and professionals. It takes a village and she is dedicated to helping make motherhood easier for moms everywhere!

Motherhood and Michelle

Founder Michelle Brown and her husband, Justin were elated when they found out they were pregnant. They felt confident that it would be easy to be the educated, forward-thinking parents they always envisioned themselves to be. But when the big day came, like many other first-time parents, their new baby joy quickly turned to feeling overwhelmed. Michelle found herself enduring a difficult postpartum recovery and was unable to adequately pick up her baby girl. New to Florida, her own family was 3,000 miles away, her husband had to go back to work and was unable to offer much-needed assistance. Michelle was exhausted, still healing post delivery and alone with her new baby. Through a haze of postpartum depression, she found her life’s mission: To turn her own helplessness into hope for moms everywhere with iHelpMoms.com. Balancing work, kids, an amazing husband, housework, and cooking leads to crazy, busy, fun and frustrating days in Michelle’s house. She vows to always tell the truth about motherhood in her blog so no mom ever feels alone in this journey. No perfect moms allowed here!  She loves that iHelpMoms.com is here to help moms just like her to find a village to offer a helping hand!

Michelle’s Background

Being adopted out of the slums of India at just 4 pounds, malnourished and unloved has shaped Michelle’s life forever. Every day is a true gift in her eyes and she believes in working hard daily to make a lasting positive impact. She embraces fitness, running, tennis healthy eating, her beloved coffee and her love for shopping! This home birthing, Nordstrom’s loving, organic eating, coffee loving, fitness focused mom believes that no mom should be ashamed, embarrassed, or isolated in the journey of motherhood. She advocates the freedom to be the best version of yourself by embracing your personal beliefs and passion. Michelle’s mantra is less judgment, more LOVE! If you are a Mom-preneur or business that loves helping moms and would like to be interviewed by Michelle on Mom Chat TV, make sure to connect here! If you are a family focused business that has a passion for helping moms, make sure to join as an iHelpMoms.com provider for FREE today!