A Peaceful Send Off To Pacifiers

A Peaceful Send Off To Pacifiers

With my first daughter, I was concerned that a  pacifier actually would affect her tooth formation, so I never gave her one.
After 14 months of not sleeping due to her waking up, I was pregnant again and vowed this next  baby was GETTING crying-aby-with-hands-on-heada pacifier!

Well, fast forward 20 months and I noticed that my second daughters front teeth were definitely starting to protrude forward.  Crap!!!! I made the decision that it was time to say goodbye to the pacifier right then and there.

I heard all of the other moms’ voices in my head telling me taking away the pacifier was miserable for mom and baby.  Since my daughter is a serious pacifier addict I was dreading it. Here at ihelpmoms.com we tell the truth and here is how it went down!

To Lens With Love Photography
To Lens With Love Photography

In true mommy fashion I stressed myself out over nothing. First night, I read her books, then explained that she was a big girl and didn’t need a pacifier anymore.  She screamed and cried for a few minutes then fell dramatically down in protest onto her mattress.  She kicked, she screamed, then after about 5 minutes, it sunk in she was not getting her pacifier.  My husband told me to go back in but I refused as I could tell her screams were in paci protest not from pain. The first night she worked on figuring out how to soothe herself sans pacifier waking up a few times throughout the night.

The second night she asked for it again and I EXPLAINED again she didn’t need it as she was a big girl. She screamed and cried again but I made sure she was really tired after a busy day and she settled down within 5 minutes and slept the whole night through. Kids get it.  They are smarter than we give them credit for.  Discuss the transition with them!

The third night she looked at me unhappily when a pacifier did not appear but she knew that ship had sailed.  I stayed firm.  Again, I had taken her to school, the park, and let her play hard to ensure she was TIRED as we made the transition to no pacifier. My stubborn, pacifier addict went right to sleep and slept the whole night through.

As a second time mom, I realized a few things in the process of transitioning to no pacifier.
1.  It saves alot of money and time tracking down pacifiers when you make the decision to stop!!
2.  As moms we can stress out about the negative that ‘could happen’ due to all of the horror stories moms pass on.  Take heart with our great transition to no pacifier knowing it CAN happen smoothly!
3.  In parenting sometimes it pays to be firm when it is in the best interest of our children in my opinion.  Kids respond to structure.  It’s something that is taboo to talk about in mom circles, but we are called parents for a reason to make decisions and stand by them.
4.  Remember…it’s your BABY your CHOICE.  Don’t compare yourself to other family’s decisions, it will alleviate alot of stress in your life.

Hope this gives you some light and encouragement that transitioning to saying bye bye to pacifiers!
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