A Love Dare For Moms And Dads

Love Dare)

I think motherhood has made me an exhausted nag.
Seriously there are some days I am just so tired I don’t have any more energy for anyone…least of all myself.
You always hear people tell you to take care of yourself, but when I see the piles of laundry and cooking to do and constant cleaning I honestly feel overwhelmed.
So who is the lucky person who gets my wrath when life starts piling up??? That’s right, my lucky husband!

Boys and Girls ClubOne night I looked over and saw the handsome husband I married and took a snap shot in my mind.  I thought to myself, why am I taking out the fact that motherhood can be daunting out on the man I love the most in my life?  He is my partner, my best friend, the love of my life.

Right then and there I realized if I didn’t stop being a grinchy mama, I was going to lose the love of my ilfe one day.

That day I decided I was going to ask my husband EVERY DAY what I could do to make his life AWESOME.

This is what I discovered:
*I looked forward to finding out what would make his life awesome
*I felt fulfilled and proud when I accomplished it
*I was surprised it was so easy to make him happy
*Our love and bond grew stronger
*Without me nagging or asking he would get home earlier, help with the girls etc. because he was so happy.

Why did I wait to do something so simple that made our marriage so much better?
Don’t wait!
Take the ihelpmoms.com dare today and for the next month ask the love of your life what you can do to make their day AWESOME.  The key is this though…
Don’t expect anything in return.  Just focus on being kind, loving and selfless and watch what happens!

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Love BIG.  Live BIG.
ihelpmoms.com Founder